Will fvwm support XGL?

Will (or does?) fvwm support XGL?

I installed it because xgl+compiz looks and IS the hottness. I know compiz only works for gnome, but will fvwm support xgl soon?

When it’s ready.

Thomas Adam

When what is ready? XGL or fvwm? You didn’t really answer any question I had asked.

fvwm is being developed to support xgl?

I am sure it will get XGL support at some point – hence when “fvwm is ready”. It’s not top of the list in terms of things to be done to FVWM, that I know of.


Just curious. I guess I will have to find a work-around so I can still use my beloved fvwm.

Use GNOME? :slight_smile:


XGL messes up the menus, pager, and some other things in fvwm. To get around xgl (since I have it set up w/ gdm) I stopped gdm and used startx fvwm. THIS effectively ignores xgl, but I am having a weird issue with my consoles. Xterm and urxvt (I can’t get to any other consoles atm) will start then immediately close. Its weird…everything else works perfectly.

Any suggestions all knowing fvwm guru?

“use GNOME” …im ashamed of you :wink:

I saw your post on the ubuntu forums :slight_smile:

I know how to get fvwm working like normal again but i wonder if you could think of a better way to switch between xgl-gdm and regular gdm?

I have to edit my gdm.conf to read 0-Standard instead of 0-Xgl or vice versa to get each to work. So, my question to you is: What would be the best way to get this done automagically? Or is this just something I will have to deal with to keep using my beloved fvwm.

Uh huh.

You could edit gdm.conf on the fly using sed and liberal use of restarting the FDM service, but that’s clunky, inaccurate, and annoying.

Most likely it’s something you’ll have to deal with, until such time that it changes, and ceases to be a problem.

– Thomas Adam

I have both running with no problem.

I setup FVWM to start with the fvwm-crystal in GDM menu.
I then setup XGL to work with GDM as described in the XGL Wiki Howto.
Because compiz is started from Gnome session mgr. after login,
it does not effect my FVWM.

So with one account I login to FVWM and I use another account to
login to XGL.

I haven’t had any problems with either one. I have noticed
however that with out XGL/Compiz I was getting 789 fps on
GLX gears using an Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX400 32mg. With
XGL/Compiz installed I get 1260 fps.

By the way In FVWM I am using a modified version of PEM’S config.
screenshots here > http://www.lynucs.org/?&Jupiter


I installed xgl compiz. It’s really very great desktop environment. On the other hand, the use of Gnome is tiring.

Pitty taht fvwm cannot yet do it.

Is there recently any progressses that permit to use XGL/Compiz & Fvwm ?
Is there maybe any tricks to make it work ?

Cheers !!

Compiz is a window manager as is Fvwm, so you can’t run both compiz and fvwm at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes yes,
I tried XGL Compiz on my older computer, the results are:
too slow, I am getting slow resizing of the windows; the video card is an : Intel Pci 82845G Graphics.
So, I prefer fvwm is very light and works on all machines for sure, even the oldest one you may have.
XGL Compiz Features are nice indeed, it’s just beautiful but for working it’s the same than normally.
With fvwm, we can customize almost everthg.
Anyhow, I’ll keep xgl on 1 fast computer I have. It’s nice idea this cube and funny features.

Fvwm could integrate Xgl, that could be nice too.

The futur of Linux is promising !

Greetings !