Window Maximize and placement


Currently I have a clock, cpuload and pager all set out on the top 75 vertical units of my desktop view.

I need a way to limit windows so they can not move past the top 75 units of the screen (where the home made toolbar is).

I also have implemented a maximize button on my windows toolbar. I would like the button to be able to maximize the window leaving only the top 75 units. Thus stopping the window from maximizing behind the home made tool bar…

Currently for the maximise button i have:

Mouse 0 2   A   Maximize 100 -75p

However as documented this leaves only the bottom 75 vertical units free. I need it to do this for the top.

Im really new to this fvwm stuff. So please bear with me.

Many Thanks,

As an addition, i want a button on my top window menu to make a window stay on top of other windows. I cant seem to find the function in the docs… any thoughts?

EwmhBaseStruts 0 0 75 0

Does that solve the issue?


Yes thanks. It solved my maximize problem. It doesn’t solve my window position problem. However thinking about it, i need to be able to drag windows into that space anyway because of virtual desktop transitions.

Any idea about the stayontop mouse function?

Thanks Again for the quick and helpful response.


DestroyFunc SomeLayerFunc
AddToFunc    SomeLayerFunc
+ I Current (Layer 6) Layer
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) Layer 0 6

– Thomas Adam