window move ignoreing EdgeResistance

I have the following in my fvwm 2.5.12:

 EdgeScroll              0 0
 EdgeResistance          10000 100
 Mouse   1       TS      A       Move-or-Raise
 Mouse   1       WI      M       Move-or-Raise
 AddToFunc Move-or-Raise
 +       "M"     Move
 +       "I"     Raise

If I am not pressing the meta key when I drag on the titlebar of a window then it obeys EdgeResistance. However if I drag from the title with the meta key or inside the window with the meta key there’s not resistance when I cross between desktops.

I’ve done a bunch of searching and read the docs but haven’t found a solution to this.

Thanks for any help,

What you’re describing is a feature, and not a bug.

– Thomas Adam

Not to me. Can I turn it off?

Are you sure? Shouldn’t that edge resistance turn it off? It does on mine…

Not whilst holding down Alt, no. Otherwise it works as expected.

– Thomas Adam

hmm… I must not be understanding the original post.

With EdgeResistance 10000 100 it will not move between pages on my system if I am moving a window - alt or not.

Are you saying it should with the above function, or should not?

If you are saying it should move across pages - which is how I originally interpretted the post - then why does it? It does not on mine, which is what I would expect based on the function and mouse/key bindings.

I was referring to this:

Not the meta key – it is this behaviour that’s a feature.

– Thomas Adam