window not accepting/receiving mouse click events


I have a window written in QT that has several tabs on it. I want to select these tabs to change the state of the window – however, if I circulate through the window list, when I get back to this window, even though it has focus, it won’t handle accpe t any of my clickevents…

anyone have a clue how a window that has focus couldn’t be able to handle/receive click events? I have event handlers in the code, but they dont’ seem to be arriving at the window… is it possible that even the the windowList tells me that Window A has focus, is it possible that in reality, window B still has mouse click focus? OR something like that?

Any thoughts would be appreciated …


You’re not using sloppyfocus are you, per chance?

– Thomas Adam

yes I am in fact… is that bad in this case?

No, it’s just that I have had issues in the past where sloppyfocus is used when warping the pointer to windows (which WindowList will do by default). If you refocus the window that’s to receive the events, do they then receive these click events?

– Thomas Adam