Window position changes when hide/show window


I noticed the following behaviour in fvwm:

A window is moved partially off the screen (less than half of it is visible), then the window is hidden (unmapped), next the window is shown again (mapped). The result is that the window is ‘wrapped around’.

An example to clarify the description (screen size is 1600x1200)
Window size is 100x100 pixels.
move the window to location -60,100
unmap window
map window
The window is shown again on position 1540,100

Is there a setting to disable the wrap around?

best regards,

Do you mean by hidden/unmapped as iconified? I couldn’t quite figure out what you mean.

Sorry for my late response.

I should have said unmanage and manage instead of unmap and map.

Some background information:
When a user presses the Quit button on our applications only the user interface is hidden (unmanage) when the application is started again from our menu the user interface is shown again (manage). In the past we decided to do this for performance reasons.