Window priority

Hi all,

I’ve made an application with various windows. There are different priority concerning the windows, and one of this must always be on the back.
Others windows may always be on top… etc.

When my application run under Gnome or KDE environnement, windows priority work very well.

But when it runs under FVWM, there are no more windows priority manage. Each time I click on a title of a window, the window is put on the top, even if it must stay on the back.

Does anybody can help me to force the behavior of my windows?


Style foo StaysOnBottom

You’re not wrong, but you should probably use the “Layer” stle-command for this, to really make sure it does stay on bottom. If an application is unusually particular about its layer, it’s probably an abnormality with the hint set for the window.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks all for help.
What’s the “Layer” Stle Command???

It’s in the mangage, I can’t say anything else about it as it’s not really such a widely used command…

For completeness sake:

But you really want to check the manpage for related commands, just search for Layer and you’ll find them :slight_smile:

Layer [color=red]Style[/color] command:

Style "xclock" Layer 7

Is window priority a standard?


– Thomas Adam