Window resize behaviour question regarding firefox (at least

I find that when grabbing the corner to resize most windows in my Taviso’s basic config I get the regular 9 square grid resize boundary and the window resizes perfectly.

When I grab the corner handle in my firefox browser window and hold and move to resize the window behaves strangely - my grab pointer moves inside or outside the window frame corner almost as if it is trying to do a geometrical constrained resize. When I hold down the alt modifier it resizes normally for fvwm behaviour. What is this destinction and/or is it peculiar to firefox, its theme or some other modifier behaviour that I am not aware of?

Sorry to be bombarding you with all these basic questions but I am making progress I promise.


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This is using the ResizeOutline style option.

I have no idea what you’re referring to here. I suspect you’re looking at ‘ResizeOpaque’, without the rubberband?

– Thomas Adam

Actually it sounds like SnapAttraction in action. Check your config for the command “SnapAttraction” and see if it has a positive value. If so, when you resize, the border will jump as many pixels as that value is in order to get next to another border.

I thought this, but I can’t reproduce it. The only thing that rightly happen is that when crossing over the boundary of the same window during a resize just resets the window size to the original beforehand.


You are right. SnapAttraction does not affect resize.

You were probably thinking of ‘‘Move’’. If you press Alt during a move operation this tends to ignore SnapAttraction.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the thoughts; it is very hard to describe - one thing that I also notice that happens is that the behaviour continues after I let go of the mous button - ie I keep the resize pointer (which is detached from the corner of the window) and the window continues to move around in jerky and unpredictable large and smaller directions… Cant really screen grab it or know how better to describe it - thought someone may have seen it already and recognise - it does kind of look like a snap-to in the way it wants to deviate from the exact motion of the mouse movement but once you let go of the mouse botton it stays in that mode and continues to shrink and expand in generally the in or outward movements of the mouse - till you click again and that lets it go wherever it has decided to finish up - sometimes drastically resized sometimes not that far off what you wanted but I really do just use the alt modifier now because then I get normal predictable resizing :slight_smile:

Wierd. Doesn’t appear to be happening with any other apps.