Window stack order


I try to do this:

Key (Links*) Q W 4 Next (Links*, CirculateHit) RaiseFocus

I have a pile of links instances into one page, but then the problem arise. I have four windows (lets call them 1, 2, 3 and 4). I am at 1, press win+w to cycle, ok, 2 is raised and focused. Now I press win+w again, then 1 is raised and focused. So, Next is really only useful to cycle between two windows, the last windows on the pile are forgotten forever.

I would like a simple way to do this.

Thanks in advance.

– Jesus Guerrero

Because you’re probably using ‘Focus’ in your RaiseFocus function (the only bit of useful information you never included) which doesn’t alter the windowlist; you want FlipFocus for this.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry for being not so informative. RaiseFocus was just that, Raise + Focus.

Now, by your suggestion, it is this way:

[code]AddToFunc RaiseFocus
DestroyToFunc RaiseFocus

  • I Raise
  • I FlipFocus[/code]

To no avail, the problem is still the same. After window 1, comes window 2, after window 2, comes window 1 again.

Key (Links*) Q W 4 Next (Links*, CirculateHit) RaiseFocus Key (Links*) W W 4 Prev (Links*, CirculateHit) RaiseFocus

Thanks so much for the help.

– Jesus Guerrero

It won’t change the stacking order, no (but you’d have wanted FlipFocus here anyway). There’s no noremal explanation for what you’re seeing. Are you sure Links hasn’t changed the title of the terminal? Try it with xterm out of interest, where you can invoke it with a -class option for each of your windows. Alternatively check you haven’t got something like the !FPFocusByFunction style listed anywhere.

– Thomas Adam

Well, this is getting really strange. Links renames each window. But they always start by “Links…”.

I re-checked, and grep-ed, no Style Links* around. I tried again and noticed that the Q binding (Prev) works as it should, while the W binding (Next), doesn’t… Go figure.

I will make some more tests tomorrow, now I am tired.

Thanks for the help, Thomas Adam. It is much appreciated.

– Jesus Guerrero