window stick to edges behaviour

Hi list,
I use fvwm since I can remember and I am really used to it. In all these years I have been slightly uncomfortable with one aspect of it. I have never taken the time to find out if it can be configured or not. Hopefully you can help me with this.

When positioning /resizing a window, fvwm can make it difficult to be accurate when the cursor is next to the screen edges: the window border gets sticked to the screen edge and it is only moves away from the border when a larger mouse movement is made. It is therefor very difficult to fine tune the placement within the region next to the screen edges.

Is it possible to configure this behaviour and adjust the level of windows being sticked to the screen edges? Thanks in advance for your help!



It’s not possible, what what you could do is play about with the MoveThreshold command beforehand.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your reply. I will keep it in mind. I just saw that this behaviour only manifests around the edges of the screen that lead to other parts of the desktop (other virtual screens). So i fear that fiddling with the movetreshold is not the answer to this one.