windowList and Mouse Warp in

I have configured my window list to appear in the center of the screen. When I first press ALT+TAB a menu is displayed listing the windows (it is the windowlist menu), then the mouse come on the first item of that menu. Each time I press TAB again (ALT+ TAB->ALT->ALT+TAB…) the mouse move to the next item.

I read the doc for menu, windowlist, menustyle and style but I didn’t find a way to prevent the mouse from going on the windowlist.

I have tried : !SelectWarp and NoWrap as option for “Menu” but it doesn’t work.

I am a bit limited by my english level so I could have missed a point in the man pages.

thanks for your help


You might get away with fixing this with:

Emulate Win

But I doubt it – given the way menus work, there probably isn’t a way to stop this.

– Thomas Adam

You were right, it does not work.

That’s not an important problem, thank you for your help