WindowList as submenu

hello everyone:

I have known, if I use
AddToMenu “test”

  • “windows list” WindowList
    I will have to press the menu item to popup the window list.

But I want to window list can show up as a normal submenu. That’s to say when mouse is on the menu item the submenu of window list popup.

Can anyone tell me how to do it?

You can’t do it directly (that’s why there’s the ‘FvwmWindowMenu’ module, the ‘WindowList’ isn’t a menu per se). You could always approximate it with something like:

DestroyMenu test
AddToMenu "test"
+ MissingSubMenuFunction foo
+ "WindowList" Popup  Nop

DestroyFunc foo
AddToFunc foo I WindowList

… but that’s ugly. Look into FvwmWindowMenu.

– Thomas Adam

oh, you know it. That’s ugly but it can work

It does work, it just depends whether it meets your needs or not.

– Thomas Adam