WindowList keybindings

Is it possible somehow to change WindowList keybindings?

I want to be able to choose application with keyboard arrows and not only with tab/shift+tab,
when using WindowList (which was called using alt + tab).

The WindowList is just a menu, so you can configure it like any menu. The window list does contain a SelectOnRlease option. This option makes it so if you release a key it will select the current item. So if you are holding down ‘alt’ due to SelectOnRelease to keep the menu open, the bindings need to affect alt-down, alt-up, etc.

Second, you you may redefine keybindings, but you can do this just like you redefine any keybinding, just use the (M)enu context. And then bind the keybindings to things like MenuMoveCursor, and so forth. You can see the defaults that are using in $PREFIX/share/fvwm/ConfigFvwmDefaults for examples of how the keybindings are defined for menus. Here you will see that alt-down in a menu will move a cursor by a full region (between + NOP line boundaries), by using MneuMoveCursor -1s, so if holding down alt and hitting down you don’t get the same affect.

So you can change this behavior by seeing what is done on the defaults, or you can change the release key to one that doesn’t conflict with the bindings.

Thanks, work for me with

Key Up		M	M		MenuMoveCursor -1
Key Down	 M	M		MenuMoveCursor +1