WindowListHit in FvwmConsole doesn't work?

Ok here’s my problem, when I open an FvwmConsole and type in:

Style "FvwmConsole" WindowListSkip

it disappears from the WindowList


when I type in:

Style "FvwmConsole" WindowListHit


Style "FvwmConsole" !WindowListSkip

FvwmConsole does not come back to the WindowList. Am i doing something obviously wrong?


It indeed does not come back until you restart it, I don’t know if this is by design or if this should be considered a bug though.

edit: I don’t see how a limitation/non-functioning feature would be on purpose :-p
Where should I report this bug? I figure you would know, so you could let me know faster than I could find out. Mailing List maybe? thanks for your confirmation that I am not doing something wrong :slight_smile:

Yup on the mailinglist, add as detailed a description as you can, try to include the statements that cause this and especially don’t forget to mention the Fvwm version you had the problem with :slight_smile: