Wine: error start programm

I use FVWM over Linux Mint Mate 20. In Linux Mint Mate 20 I’ve installed windows program by using wine, for example, foxitreader. It starts without problem in Linux Mint Mate 20, but when I try to start in FVWM, the errors appear: can not find file and can not find path. To start I use XDGMenu. How could I solve this problem?

Hi @JoePass,

This really doesn’t sound like a FVWM problem.

How are you trying to start this program? What’s not working? Anything printed to STDERR?

To start I use Mate menu and select: Menu/XDGMenu/Mate Application/Wine/Programms/FoxitReader
When I click, then errors appear. Then I copied the line which connects with this program (using the main mate menu):

env WINEPREFIX="/home/nail/.wine" wine-stable C:\windows\command\start.exe /Unix /home/nail/.wine/dosdevices/c:/ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/Start\ Menu/Programs/Foxit\ Reader/Foxit\ Reader.lnk

The program starts if I start this line in terminal.