wireless network gui for fvwm

This seems like an obvious question, but I’ve scoured the web and found nothing at all. Is there a graphical user interface that allows me to manage wireless connections under fvwm? I’m using ubuntu, which has gnome as the default. Gnome has a very nice applet, called nm-applet, that does exactly what I want but when I try to run it from fvwm it hangs.
Any help would be enormously appreciated! Thanks, Leo

I find “vim” works well.

– Thomas Adam

I’m confused. vim is a text editor. Is there another vim? Or was that a typo?

Thanks! Leo

I use “knetworkmanager” that is the kde equivalent of the nm-applet except that it doesn’t run into some kde “container” so you can swallow it in an FvwmButton.
It should be a good choice if you don’t mind installing a lot of dependencies.

For “vim” i’m pretty sure Thomas referes to the text editor itself, that is the good-old-way to do things if you’re a bit geek and don’t travel very much with your laptop.

Thanks kitten!

I’m afraid I’m a total noob, but have not been able to get knetworkmanager and knetstats to run properly.
I’ve installed both using apt-get, and have tried to run both from the command line. knetworkmanager creates an icon on my task bar, but when I click on it there’s nothing. knetstats tells me that eth0 is not connected, and from the man page, I don’t see any option to tell it to look for wlan0, which is my wireless device. Any advice? Thansk for your help.

For knetworkmanager you have to click with the right button on it’s icon, then a list of wireless network in range will show up and you can select the appropriate one. If it tells you that none device is present then you have some underlying problem with your network card.

I use a program called “trayer” and use nm-applet as usual.