With GTK support for FvwmGtk? no: Failed to detect GTK

Several days ago, I intended to install a fvwm-2.5.26 by means of:
$sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

However, what shows is always as follows:
With GTK support for FvwmGtk? no: Failed to detect GTK, see config.log

what confuses me is that I’ve already compiled & installed gtk±2.0 before. Then I tried two ways to debug:
1.check /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/gtk±2.0.pc, and it really exists with the content as:
2. check ld.so.conf. (I’ve already added /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib, /lib to this file, and always use
$sudo ldconfig
to update ld.so.conf.cache

I installed gtk±2.12.11 by means of:
$sudo ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local
(attach: the end line of configure result is "target: x11 " and I don’t know what it really means. Moreover, statements as “target=X11” also appear in gtk±2.0.pc.)
$sudo make
$sudo make install

I don’t know why it happens though I’ve made all the necessary installations. Thus I came here for help, thanks!( The distbution I use is ubuntu7.10 i386)

This is harmless. You’re assuming it does something with GTK2, but it doesn’t. GTK support (that’s GTK v 1.x, NOT 2.x) in FVWM is for FvwmGTK – the module which is used to render menus in GTK. It’s also used by a FvwmPerl debugging module.

You can ignore the dependency.


“sudo ./configure” is nonsense. You can run it as your normal user. Sudo is only useful in this instance when looking at “make install”.

– Thomas Adam

Does it means fvwm-2.5.26 only support GTK1.x rather than GTK2.x ? or fvwm can run with GTK2.x support implicitly only didn’t show it has been configured in ./configure?

I guess what you mean is that, I’m able to continue the installation just ingoring the mistake of “With GTK support for FvwmGTK? No……” and all the functions related FvwmGTK can still run automatically afterwards, right?

Anyway, thank you so much!

No – there is no GTK support in FVWM – it’s not for applications in general. It’s just used by this FvwmGTK module which you won’t ever use. There is nothing implicit either – it’s GTK1.x or nothing. Given this module is hopefully going to be obsoleted soon, it has no impact on your ability to compile and install FVWM.

– Thomas Adam

Got it, many thanks!