won't quit - button press but nothing

Hi guys,

I am getting there and still have heaps of docu and man to pour over and I am doing that - but I need a quick push to get my current fvwm theme ready for a VM presentation on Tuesday morning.

I have the green theme going and running my custom apps from the dock; but when I select the quit function it does nothing - as does reboot and shutdown -

my system has sudo and I can’t see what would be wrong with the function?

*FvwmQuit:      (36x5, Title "     What do you want to do?")
*FvwmQuit:      (3x3+36+0, ActionOnPress, Icon close.png, ActiveIcon close.png,
Action(Mouse 1) `KillModule FvwmButtons FvwmQuit`)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x8+2+6, ActionOnPress, Icon icons/logout48.png, ActiveIcon icons/logout36.png, Action(Mouse 1) `exec exec killall fvwm`)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x8+15+6, ActionOnPress, Icon icons/reboot48.png, ActiveIcon icons/reboot36.png, Action(Mouse 1) `exec killall fvwm && sudo shutdown -r now`)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x8+28+6, ActionOnPress, Icon icons/shutdown48.png, ActiveIcon icons/shutdown36.png, Action(Mouse 1) `exec killall fvwm && sudo shutdown -h now`)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x5+2+14, Title Exit)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x5+15+14, Title Reboot)
*FvwmQuit:      (10x5+28+14, Title Shutdown)

Thanks for your patience in these early times for me - I am searching on these issues here but am short on time and really want fvwm as my foundation for my vm work (and probably even tually to replace gnome entirely)


i have no killall commands but the shutdown command is right so the problem is in your sudoers file… trystardotstar ALL = NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown

OK, cool , sounds fine, but why does the quit not work ? -do i need some perms for that ? - I will add this to sudoers to sort out shutdown/reboot but actually I am quitting so much because I am rapidly changing configs/.fvwm’s that I really would rather not be ctrl/alt/backspacing…

Thanks :slight_smile:



2 mins later

it seems that adding that to sudoers does not help - all buttons in quit - shutdown - reboot and exit do nothing … Sudoers is working ok for many things…


from my FvwmRootMenu[code]+ “Restart Fvwm%restart/16.png” Restart

  • “Quit Fvwm%halt/16.png” Quit
  • “Restart System%restart/16.png” Exec exec sudo shutdown -r now
  • “Quit System%halt/16.png” Exec exec sudo shutdown -h now[/code]