[wxbasic] EWMH-Support


I implemented parts of wmctrl to wxbasic, so it is possible to write tools for your desktop in basic.

Further information:

wxbasic.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/v … t=799#3800

wmctrl: sweb.cz/tripie/utils/wmctrl/

Greets, Mark

As I had some real problems tracking down memory leaks, now I rewrote everything.

It seems to run rockstable now, and there is a first (small g) application available (tile 2 windows maximized, that you may select with the mouse).

This one works with Gtk 1, which is faster than the previous version using Gtk 2.

A commandlineversion is possible, too.

wxbasic.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/v … .php?t=890


I added several thigs like running Windows fullscreen (also on just 1 Monitor if you have 2), or “cycling” through all visible windows.

Current version is 04.

As the english wxBasic-Board is down due to mysql-problems, you can see screenshots in the german board (with download-links):

f27.parsimony.net/cgi-bin/topic- … Nummer=502