XChangeProperty do not work under FVWM

I all,

I’m making a program managing various windows and various windows properties, : resizable or not, movable or not, with a titlebar or not, with icon or not…
My program use the X11 function : XChangeProperty
It work very well under gnome or KDE, but nothing works under FVWM :
No more window priority is manage, no more titlebar management work…

I’m able to make it work using fvwm commands or using theme configuration, but it’s dangerous, because i not always know the name of my window, and my program must work with other program that I don’t manage…

Is there a way to make XChangeProperty (or other windows management functions) work under FVWM?

Thanks for help

I really don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do. Would you be more specific? XChangeProperty() is Xlib, anyway. The only way Fvwm really responds to it is via FvwmEvent and/or (possibly) focus issues.

– Thomas Adam

I want to change the behavior and the aspect of my window since my program, not using FVWM command.

For example :

[code]Atom prop=XInternAtom(w->x11Display(),"_MOTIF_WM_HINTS",false);
typedef struct {
long flags;
long functions;
long decorations;
long input_mode;
long status;
} motif_wm_hints;

motif_wm_hints data1;
XChangeProperty(w->x11Display(),w->winId(),prop,prop,32,PropModeReplace,(unsigned char*) &data1,5);[/code]
Here w is my window. functions

NOCLOSE_FUNCTIONS= (0L | (1L << 2) | (1L << 4)); functions = CWin_Hints::NOCLOSE_FUNCTIONS; NOCLOSE_NORESIZE_DECORATIONS= (0L | (1L << 3) | (1L << 5) | (1L << 6) | (1L << 1)); decorations= CWin_Hints::NOCLOSE_NORESIZE_DECORATIONS;
When I execute this code under KDE or GNOME, My window do not have resize button and no close decoration button.

Under Fvwm, every decoration button are present, exept if i specify a special style for this window using

Style MyWindow NoButton 2

My question is What can I do if I wanted that FVWM execute the order send by the program, and not the command put in the Style file of the theme. In fact, it’s like if I wanted to disable the Style behavior of FVWM

Well, your window is setting the mwm windowing hints. FVWM honours these by default, although using:

Style foo NoFuncHint

Should inhibit them.

– Thomas Adam