xcompmgr and EdgeScroll?

I’m usingEdgeScroll 100000 100000so I get wrapped scrolling on a 3x3 desktop.

However, when I run xcompmgr, I no longer have edge scroll at all–I can still click to go to each desktop, but I want the edgescroll.

I’ve looked around the internet and I’m unsure of the source of the problem. Is this a problem w/ xcompmgr, X, or fvwm? How might I solve it?

I believe this issue was reported to the fvwm-workers mailing list some weeks ago – it might even be fixed in CVS – I’m not sure.

– Thomas Adam

i have the same problem and also whit the autohide feature ot the taskbar!!

The autohide feature of FvwmTaskBar (which is I assume what you mean) has always been broken. You should use the FvwmAuto method outlined in the main FVWM FAQ.

– Thomas Adam

xcompmgr breaks the edges, so edgecommands, pageflips, and clicking on an edge (it behaves like the root window) don’t work after either starting or stopping xcompmgr. The solution is to start xcompmgr and then (re)start fvwm. I have xcompmgr in ~/.xinitrc, and use this function when it crashes:

[code]# xcompmgr is finally pretty stable, but occasionally it gets screwy or dies

FVWM must be restarted after xcompmgr, otherwise edges don’t work

DestroyFunc RestartXcompmgr
AddToFunc RestartXcompmgr

  • I Exec killall xcompmgr || killall -KILL xcompmgr ; exec xcompmgr -n &
  • I Restart[/code]