Hello again.
Lately I have noticed a strange problem using XdTV (a TV viewer app) with
FVWM. For the app to start I need to start it iconified, and the performance is really poor (any high disk/CPU activity would produce video garbage or mute sound for small times (less than a second). That behavior doesn’t repeat with other window managers (icewm, fluxbox), so it may be FVWM related.
Anyone else experienced this little problem?
Also…is it possible to swallow something like this in a buttonbar?

Can you take a screenshot of this? What can you tell us about the application? Is there anything in ~/.xsession-errors ?


It is:

DestroyModuleConfig foo: *
*foo: colums 10
*foo: rows 1
*foo: (1x1, Swallow (UseOld) "appname" 'Exec exec appname')

Module FvwmButtons foo

You’ll have to jiggles the numbers and other settings around.

– Thomas Adam.