Xinerama -- Problems with specifying screen

I use Xinerama, and I tried (for example)

exec emacs -geometry 80x59+0+0@0

to specify the screen where an application will be displayed. But that won’t work, and I don’t know why.

I get the message

in my .xsession-errors. :confused:

With FvwmButtons, the @ works just fine.

I use fvwm 2.5.12 wit Xinerama support and Suse 10.0.
Ideas anyone?

Because EMACS sets PPosition annoyingly to 0 0. Hence you want something like:

Style Emacs NoPPosition

You ought to be using 2.5.16.

– Thomas Adam

I’ve tried other applications a well – same problem. And if I don’t use the @, all works fine: [emacs|aterm|xterm|gv|…] appears exactly where I want it to be (or where the placement policy puts it when I don’t specify a position.) But as soon as I use the @, the -geometry is ignored, and the window is placed according to the placement policy.

By the way, I use Style * NoPPosition

Well. Maybe I should… :unamused:

Post your config in its entirety. I don’t like guessing games.

– Thomas Adam

I belive that the @ in the geometry string is an fvwm-extension, and geometry options to programs are parsed and handled by them, and not processed by fvwm, to produce USPosition hints.