XTerm and FvwmIconMan woes

Two questions:
Is it possible to set the border color of xterm? (XTerm*BorderColor doesn’t seem to work for me)
Is it possible to have bigger icon size than 16x16 in FvwmIconMan?

Colorset 3 bg white, fg purple

Style xterm HilightBorderColorset 3

Doubt it.

– Thomas Adam

I mean the internal xterm “border” color (the -b -switch)

I couldn’t get it to work either:

xterm -b 10 -bd green

…for instance was not giving me a colour. Neither was using the rxvt equivalent.

– Thomas Adam

i never tried this myself, but i think that if you do:

Style “WindowName” EWMHMiniIconOverride “Path to icon”

and if that icon is, for instance, 64x64, only 16x16 of it will show up. however, maybe if you resize the FvwmIconMan to be wider, it may show all 64 of it. Wont look too good tho’…

Again, this is a guess…

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The size of a MiniIcon in FvwmIconMan is fixed.

– Thomas Adam

are you sure that it’s fixed? I once had a setup with FvwmIconMan where I set
Style ** MiniIcon unknown.png, All the necessary ovverides and styles for all the apps to have custom icons…
and the icon itself was 48x48, and then set the ButtonGeometry to be 56x56 (some padding) and then the option Format to " "… looked kind of an iconbar…

the problem is that in WindowList menu the icons are also big…

Dunno, but I certainly don’t see an Icon larger than 16x16 in my FvwmIconMan.

If it works for you though, that’s good news.

– Thomas Adam

It works if you use:

Style * EWMHMiniIconOverride

Whatever icon you set with MiniIcon style will work, regardless of size. Make sure that you have FvwmIconMan swallowed in a large enough FvwmButtons to hold the larger icons.

I have had a thumbnail script generating 64x64 miniicons and displaying them in FvwmIconMan without a title. It looked good. I couldn’t find a good way for FvwmButtons to expand as new icons were added so I abandoned it.

The IconMan fixes sound like putting bandage on a missing foot. I hope someone will find time to make it accept other iconsizes.

I found out today that the new xterm has functional bordercolors. :smiley:

I finally got time to mess with icon sizes. It was pretty easy. Basically you just have to tell fvwm not to use the default miniicons and how big your icons (really the buttons) are. These two lines should be the only important ones:

Style * EWMHMiniIconOverride
*FvwmIconMan: ButtonGeometry 400x27

My Icons are 24x24. FvwmIconMan seems to want a few extra pixels to work with. I don’t think there’s a way to fix that.