xterm icons

I recently upgraded to fvwm 2.6.5 from Macports. When I iconize xterm in addition to the title I also get mini xterm picture. That is inconvenient since takes space, especially if you work with multiple windows. How to prevent this behavior and just have icon name. My entry in .fvwm2rc

Style “XTerm” IconBox 100x1000-10+400,
IconGrid 25 40, IconFill right top \


Add Style "XTerm" Icon 123.xpm to point to a non existing icon file.

– Thomas –

This did not help, still getting little image of xterm above the icon name,

You might need to add IconOverride otherwise the Icon style should not override the default set by the application.

Also it is possible to disable [color=green]XTerm active mini icons,

with “–disable-active-icon” flag, while rebuilding [color=green]XTerm:

[code]% fetch http://invisible-island.net/datafiles/release/xterm.tar.gz
% tar xvf xterm.tar.gz && cd xterm-330/
% ./configure --disable-active-icon

make && make install


You can do the same thing with just:

xterm -ai

No need to go about compiling xterm for something you can control at run time!

– Thomas Adam

On FreeBSD, it is very easy to change any build options because of ports tree,
it takes only few seconds to add or remove some configure flags via Makefile,
in result you don’t need to add any additional flags to xterm, so it is more preferable way for me.

P.S.: Please, disable image resolution limit! It is very annoying! FVWM is such a nice window manager, so screenshots on forum pages would look beautifully!

P.P.S.: It is also possible to disable xterm active icons via [color=green]~/.Xdefaults:

XTerm*activeIcon:			false