Yet another fvwm screenshot, video and config post

Hi all,

I’m an old fvwm user, but I found recently messages in fvwm and gentoo
forums that pushed me to improve my old configuration.

I use fvwm in combination with rox-filer. My configuration is graphically
very sober: no icons, gradients, special fonts, but full gray range ! I’m an
old WindowMaker, AfterStep and in fact NeXT looks lover: that the way I like
it ! By the way it allows transparent customizable menu, transparent
buttons panel with applets (wmtime, cputnik, asmail), buttons for usual
applications, basic buttons to control volume and xmms, iconic windows as
thumbnails, fullscreen graphical pager with buttons to switch it on and off.

Two screenshots: first a classic page; second the fullscreen pager.

Here is a video of my fvwm use and feel (5Mo):

Configuration here: