yoshimos 5 cent

Ok here is my first config result.

There’s nothing special about it and I’m not that happy with it.
But its the first time I have used a Linux System and Fvwm.

With the left arrows I can switch between the different pages on the desktop
(which is usefull when the pager is hidden). The right arrows exist to switch between the different windows on the desk.

Features: It’s fast :wink:


Schlicht und elegant,sehr schön :slight_smile:

ops sorry, simple and elegant, I like it :slight_smile:


Danke, Mark.

(Und ich hab mich schon fast nicht getraut hier was mit deutschen Hinweisen zu posten)

Den Screenshot hat es etwas verzogen. :frowning:

Well some details:

The Wallpaper is from deviantart.com. I have some kind of ClickToFocus policy. I don’t use Icons and my Menu looks like a Fluxbox menu.
The TitleStyle is also derived (?) from a Fluxbox Theme.

I’ve been influenced to create a config by T.Adams because Fvwm is indeed
very fast if you don’t link script events to common operations, like maximize,
iconify etc…, thus I don’t use the thumbnailing with screenshot.

The windows are also moved opaque.

I’m sorry for the miserable quality of the screenshot.

Looking real nice, clean and simple, the way I like it.

Btw. if you want the best quality you should consider using pngs instead of jpgs.

thanks BlackDragon.

Next time I’ll use pngs.

So viele Deutsche hier… any way, it looks very simple and clean. I like it. ^&^

Merci beaucoup. Mais je ne pense pas qu’il y a beaucoup d’Allemands
dans le forum. (My french is terrible)
Location: Chongqing, China !?

I’m afraid cannot understand what did you said in the last post, yoshimo, because I only know “qu’est” and “oui” in French.

Yes, Chongqing, China. I’m a Chinese, live in Chongqing, which is one of the provinces in China.

[french] Je ne comprend rien à l’Allemand…[/french]

Your first config is nice, good work and welcome under Gnu Linux !