Zoom, sharing screen

When sharing a screen in Zoom, it does not show windows on different pages. Only the windows on the same page as Zoom apps.

Not sure I follow you. I can switch pages as I’m sharing my screen on Zoom… that works well.

But I wouldn’t expect Zoom to be “page” aware. Only FVWM is.

It is about sharing a window on Zoom. Here is one screenshot with the same setup of windows and page locations in FVWM3 and Gnome. Both runs in the same /home/user/ folder.

I am requesting this feature, not to run Gnome when using Zoom which is a daily app for me. Also for many others now during the lockdown.

Well, that’s not really the same thing – GNOME only uses desktops, and as such that’s all that Zoom is using to determining where windows are.

Why it’s not working with pages, I’m not sure. Windows on different pages all belong to the same desk, so I would have expected this to Just Work ™, although it doesn’t seem to be. I checked the _NET_CLIENT_LIST(WINDOW) property and that all looks good for windows on different pages.

So I can only surmise the problem is with Zoom, and I can’t think of any other ways FVWM can help here.

I suggest you try asking the Zoom people.

True… in Xfce sharing only works within the workspace Zoom app is located. Doesn’t show the other workspaces. Good, this issue is now clarified.