Al's stuff.

For anyone else that had a problem accessing his config - the server won’t let you see it if you click the link straight out of the forums here.

If you copy and paste the link into your browser’s URL bar thing then you should be able to access the config.

Al. You are my god. I need your help. your the only one with the power.

Now, onto my stuff:

Gentoo user (w00t) and loving every minute of it. (can you? emerge love?) anywho. I was looking at your screenies. and Ive decieded. I really would like to copy some of the things you do. Can you help me out, by pointing me in the right direction. I would like to (desperately) have a terminal “Run as the background image” so you have Elisha Cuthbert on your desktop ( up in the right hand corner, you have some emerge business, but NO frame around it. [ solved - no title, borderWidth 0, No handle ] How?? I mean WFT??? its like MAGIC. I really would like to do that (seeing as how I run gentoo and all, you know the Command line business). then the bottom left business, of uptime, ram, volume and all that. (I assume thats gdesklets? but I havent worked with them before - my roomate has)

Also, a little run down. Ive been a hardcore linux user for over a year. I would consider myself somewhat advanced. So I dont need my hand held, just a huge shove in the right direction. Websites, tutorials, an IM?? who knows…

Thanks for your help.


I dont recall which term i was using on that April screenshot but if you “emerge eterm” or “emerge x11-terms/aterm” then try the following commands:

Eterm -g 100x20 -O --shade 70 -x --buttonbar false --scrollbar false


aterm  -bg black -fg green -tr +sb -sh 35

These aren’t strictly transparent but if you read the man pages or do a search of the Gentoo forums you will find loads of examples such as this one i just found:

aterm -tr -sr -trsb -sl 5000 -title "Gentoo Terminal" -fn 9x15 -fb 9x15 -fg white -cr black -geometry 80x40

See here:

And yes the sensors are gdesklets


Thank you kind sir

It’s been a while so i thought i would post a new screenshot.

My current setup is hacked and slashed together from various configs i have found-many thanks to the original owners.

I’m not entirely happy with my setup yet.I need a nice clock on my desktop but i’m getting there.

Screenshot here:


What’s the name of the theme you are using for the decorations on your latest screenshot? (i.e. this one ). Are they part of the pack available on your Linux page?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know the name of the theme.

I just downloaded someone else’s fvwm directory and messed with it.

You can get it from here:


New Screenshot here:

Wallpaper here:

Changed to an osx bar at the bottom.Added a clock and moved them to the left so i can place Gaim to the right.
Stripped the icons from the menu for a smaller menu and changed the font to “aquafont”.

I would like to add a date applet next but i’m pushed for room on this 15" screen.


One of the best configs/screenshots in a while! Congrats!

I love the new titlebar style and buttonbar!

For your date applet, couldn’t you hack whatever you are using to display the time in that little FvwmButtons box so it would display the date also? I believe Gulivert has donne something similar in v1.5 of his config…

Any chance you will make your config and images available?

Thanks in advance.

Config & images upped to here:

To get the gtk theme,install “gtk-theme-switch” then use switch2 to load the HighContrast theme.

And yes i will have to find a combined time/date script.


I got your little Titlbar buttons to work with my setup…I have a few more things I want to change, I’ll post a new screenshot soon.

Thanks again.


that archive unfortunately does not contain the .fvwmrc.

I looked through the thrads here, but did not find out yet how to create round edges on titlebars like you do with firefox on your screenshot:

Did you use the “shape”-trick described here?:

If I understand it right, it just works with windows of a fixed geometry, but I would like to have round edges on all windows.

Any hints are welcome.

Greets, Mark

You can’t, alas. Rounded corners on windows are not something you can do easily – if at all. The “best” solution at present is to shape mask fvwmbuttons and have that swallow your applications…

– Thomas Adam

Ok thank you, I just got confused by the screenshot.

I wondered how it was realized with the firefox-window.


Oops :blush: Sorry about that.

It appears the command i used to compress the fvwm directory skips dot files.
You can get the .fvwm2rc file here:

You can get the original fvwm config from here … 3&p=screen


ok, many thanks.

I will have a closer look :slight_smile:


Ah, now I understand.

The round edges have root-transparency.

This means, you will see the background shining through.

this gives the illusion of round edges, when the window is not lying over another window.

But when it lies on another one, you don’t see the other window in the corners, but the background.

So we really will have to wait, until fvwm supports “real” round edges.

Thanks anyway, it gives a good insight on fvwm-transparency.

Greets, Mark

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al our screenshout very nice. what is the configure packet for jun screenshout? and what are the steps for installing our conf? help me pls i’m newbie in fvwm. byez

Phew!! You don’t know how long it took me to track down the config!

I dont have the config anymore but i had a vague notion that i had got it from some french sounding guy.

I managed to track it down here: