amaroK Panel

Hello! Just registered and wanted to contribute to the Fvwm community :slight_smile:
Recently there’s been quite a few scripts related to music, and so is mine.

I made an control panel for amaroK, basic functions are:
Previous song
Play (If play is on, the pause and stop icons are a bit grayed)
Pause (if pause is on, the stop button is grayed and play/pause normal)
Stop (play and pause are grayed)
Toggle Random (for playlist) (state shown with grayed and normal icons)
Toggle Repeat playlist (same as random)
Volume up
Volume down
And finally a sound icon that opens gnome-alsamixer (application launched is defined by variable in the beginning, you can easily change it)

Under the icons there’s a field where the currently playing song will be displayed, if amarok isn’t running it will display a message saying so, also if nothing is playing there will be a message, the messages can easily be edited as they are as variables after the init.

And i guess it’s easier to see the whole picture if provided a screenshot
The first one is the panel mounted into FvwmButtons with rounded corners from chwombats page, and the second one is the script different colorset for the text area (colorsets are controlled by 2 parameters, the second parameter gives the colors for the text area and the first on for the rest)

If you like it you can grab it SEE BELOW!!!

Also i have tried my best not to do useless refreshes on the window (eg changing icons every second depending on the state) since that would make it seem flickery, i hope you all like it :slight_smile:



* amaroK

* bash


* Create a smiple non-bloated playlist editor (even

though the one amarok has is very nice)

* Incorporate some amaroK player window control (eg.

hiding and showing) into the the big wolf icon.

New version 0.3
Get it Here

Changes since:


* Fixed bug where you wouldn’t see the song name if

you were playing something from a shoutcast server

(due to buffering)

* Fixed error with playlist random/repeat buttons

not always changing depending on status

* Made all buttons (except the sound-icon) become

dimmed when amaroK isn’t running

* If you’re running amaroK 1.3 or above you can use

the big wolf icon to toggle amaroK playlist

Have fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

And for your eyes, another screenshot Here

And this is what my desktop looks like after i clicked the wolf icon ;p Screenshot

That looks so cool! I think i might have to re-emerge amarok just to give it a whirl.


That’s very nice to hear :slight_smile:
In next version you can expect a button for repeat currently playing track and one for remove currently playing track (some, like me, might have just a huuuge playlist with alot of bad songs :wink:), this will make the area bigger and give more room for the name of the song without making the panel look stupid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This is my current process on a MPD version of my panel which i will be releasing soon.

Also if anybody’s intrested i can release a version of my amarokpanel with repeat track support (it’s already done), if no one is intrested i won’t bother with another release :stuck_out_tongue:

No you have me stuck between a rock and a hard place because your MPD version is just as awsome as you amaroK and i dont know what i want to use. LOL


lol :/… Damn that’s tough :smiley:
And thanks, that’s really nice to hear :slight_smile:, well just wait until my mpd version is out and give it a test :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks VoiDeR!
Your support got me determined to finnish up this panel :slight_smile:
So i consider it pretty much done, not counting the icon in the end for “main sound controll” (gnome-alsamixer in my case) – If you have any nice icons that would fit there then PLEASE post them :slight_smile:

I might also just totally remove the “MPD and sound”-icon in the beginning that launches gmpc (change it to whatever you want) and replace the sound icon in the end with the one in the icon…


  1. Download the package… SEE BELOW
  2. Untar it – tar xvjf FvwmApplet-MPDPanel-0.1.tar.bz2
  3. Move the files into the right folders… move the “mpd” direcotry into your Fvwm image root directory and move the FvwmApplet-MPDPanel into the place where you easiest can launch it

Like amaroKPanel it accespt two colorsets, first argument is for the main stuff and the second one is for the box around the text…

Here’s how it looks…

Edit: Forgot to mention but all icons are made by me (except the soud icon in the end of the panel), so here’s a happy home-made panel for ya all ^^

Great job… :smiley:

I go testing that…
That’s the other version i was thinking, It’s ok?
If yes I’ll put it online too.

Oh yeah, it’s really nice…

And it works great… beautiful.

ps : to choose a colorset, I must start with

 FvwmScript FvwmApplet-MPDPanel $[My_colorset]


Yea, for example
FvwmScript $[fvwm_script_path]/FvwmApplet-MPDPanel 31 32
That’s what i use…

Ok, I’ll release the smaller panel soon ^^.
Thanks for testing, and for your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

How many colorsets I can choose ?? and for what ?

Oh yes please post the small one to. That would be awsoem on my laptop. It only does 1024x768. The bigger one im going to use on my desktop. Man i cant wait to get home and use this. Great work!!!1


You can choose from all the colorsets in your FvwmConfig (eg .fvwm2rc)
If you there have defined for example Colorset 2 with the colors you want you put it as an argument in the startup of the panel

In my example:
FvwmScript $[fvwm_script_path]/FvwmApplet-MPDPanel 31 32
31 Defines the background color and 32 defines the color of the text, and its background

Ok, so here’s the screenshot

Link: … .2.tar.bz2

This includes two files and a directory:

You can probably figure out what is what :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hmm… found some bugs with panel being in playing mode when you close mpd and start it up again :p… and i fixed some icon sizes (has to be exact to the pixel! :slight_smile:) I’ll put it out as a final version later, and also a final version of the amaroKPanel (eg repeat track icon)

What say you:

This time i designed it as one whole piece in gimp, not just a one-and-one button…

Ill finnish coding that when i get home, but i will be gona for a while so my releases are gonna have to wait a lil’ bit, later guys…

I finally got home and got to finnish my new MPD panel :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there are still a few problems with the code so… No release for now :stuck_out_tongue:

waits patiently Could you post your colorsets that you use for you screenshots?


Sure thing :slight_smile:
Colorset 31 fg #adadad, bg white, hi #f8f8f8, sh #f8f8f8
Colorset 32 fg #adadad, bg gray95, hi #adadad, sh #adadad