Carbone Theme


here my new config : i’ve taken most pixmaps from a Fluxbox theme (title bar and the bottom panel). As you can see, it looks like fluxbox : i like it ! I can say it is a very improved Fluxbox.

I use part of Dynamic menus from Taviso (big thanks to him), a GameConsole (Thanks stonecrest) and others…

Here are some screenshots :

Nice icons, sweet window decor, but why oh why the flux like bar? :wink:

Because oh because i like fluxbox, simply :slight_smile:

Very tanks for taviso !!! as always the master of fvwm

Woo ! Congrats, it looks very good !

like this ? ->

Flux Menus

that is fvwm o fluxbox? I like the top of the menus

It is Fvwm of course !

edit : how do you do in order to have pixmaps in title menus ?

LOL, been doing that for long time … butn i see ppl are now getting into flux style :stuck_out_tongue:
I have combined the best of two worlds, FVWM of course and Fluxbox.

(On some older Styles)

Another One

Actual: Gently Please

[color=red]Sorry this is not my threat is just that taking the screens and cut the menu part and all that is kind a borring so hope you understand why i puted the sreen url.[/color]

Pixmaps is the answer


the code or config will be fine to learn about how to get the effect


i’ve implemented an interresting feature (for me at least) : to be able to change theme without restart Fvwm. The Thomas Adam solution was too complicated for me, so i just wrote one function for one theme (as i don’t have 107 themes…). Here you can see the contrast : … 0033eq.jpg … 0056cd.jpg


I can´t see anything;-)

And lucky pls post ur config and pixmaps!


I regularly post my config on this page : … i=BosoZoku
This is

Sorry but it is in french for the comments.

very nice. How do you do that?


I’ve converted my config in html ->
Sorry, it is in French.

Very nice work indee, pretty cool, hope you can show some of that stuff to the devs of Fvwm, if there’s still any devs out there , its really an interesting feture to be implemented on the next release

Keep up the good work man. thats what Fvwm needs . Pioneers :stuck_out_tongue: , not ppl copying from each others, and being always on the same level :smiley:

We have had two new releases this summer, so I’d say there are still some devs out there :wink:

Someone asked me if you could do that a while ago, I made this, it’s just using VerticalTitleSpacing and “-----------”

Awww, I like the little icon next to “Utilities”… :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam