Fvwm2rc modules and functions

I have been using the wrong search word “fvwm config” to find interesting and useful configs. “Fvwm2rc” is the way to find. For example, Sample-95: .fvwm2rc example configuration file.

At first look, there are four modules that will be interesting to edit/modify for KISe usage: Buttons Bar (horizontal), Mini Buttons, Desker Panel, and WMaker Buttons. The BB and WM have horizontal extension button. This ext button replaces auto-hide function. To make modern-looking WM buttons, instead of visible icon boxes, with Pixmap none (transparent) only icon appears and mini apps. This becomes interesting.


What I like about the BB pager it corresponds/changes with the Desk Panel pager (Desk 0, 1, 2, and 3).

@amlug, if you find interesting links, add them here.

Search points to university and college quality configs. Sample95 is great. Starts with empty desk. Menu list loads modules on and off. KIS could do same without manually tag and untag userExt.sys list. Will check more tomorrow.

Window Managers for X – scroll down, fvwm2rc and screenshot.

Mini icons for buttons (move, resize,… ) Debian package nice collection.
sudo apt-get install fvwm-icons

Thanks, icons were missing. I added variable.
SetEnv micon /usr/share/pixmaps/fvwm/
(Screenshot is updated, looks good)

This Sample95 config is one of the best I have seen. Let’s add Panel in SimpleButton having option to hide it. AutoHide does a good job but Panel is better.

Module FvwmButtons HideBar
DestroyModuleConfig HideBar: *
*HideBar: Fore Black
*HideBar: Back grey
*HideBar: Geometry 14x470+0+192
*HideBar: Rows 1
*HideBar: Frame 0

#*HideBar: (Panel(right, steps 12, delay 0, position module top, indicator10) "SimpleButton" 'Module FvwmButtons SimpleButton')

*HideBar: (Panel(right, steps 0, position module top, indicator10) "SimpleButton" 'Module FvwmButtons SimpleButton')

Style HideBar NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, WindowListSkip, \
	BorderWidth 0, CirculateSkip