My new desk and WM (FVWM)

Thank you, Thomas. The FVWM3 inspired me to make one more effort to using FVWM. Today I finished the configs that I have had in mind that go well along the workflow and efficiency. The behaviour has similarities to the early 90s Window Managers that I really liked. What was missing was the style and beauty. Now, it became my new work desk and WM (FVWM)

New desk, click here


@rasat, you might consider placing the dotfiles for your desktop setup here for others to easily access and use.

Hey @rasat,

Thanks! Glad things are working well for you and that you’ve got things working the way you want. As @manyroads says, please make your config available.

If you wanted to write your config up for inclusion with the wiki, let me know.


Here is the latest (FVWM myExt v0.7). The snapshot is for users who prefer the classic all-in-one config.

Full version click here


Snapshot click here


Development discussions click here or at MX Linux and Arch Linux forums.


On there has not been a new FVWM theme or update since January 2016. It was time to add one new theme.

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