My second fvwm : mac osx

Hello everybody !

I want to create a macosx theme for fvwm. Here my screenshot :

If you have any suggestions, i’m here :slight_smile:
You can find this config here :

I’m not normally into Aqua screenshots, but this one looks really sweet :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Very good especially the title and the button bar upper.


hay… how can you build the dock on the bottom?!? it’s animated!! this is not a fvwm module, is it?
very good!!

A+++++++++++++ :smiley:

Good job !!!

:question: :question: :question: :question:

the dock bar on the bottom (i see the screenshot) seems animated… when you put the mouse pointer over one icon it is magnified and are a little magnified even the icons near the first (if you look in the screenshot)… so i ask: is it a fvwm module? or is it mac os x application? or something else?

I had a quick look in the tarball and he seems to use engage:

yep, this is engage.

I like it !
But I don’t want to install E17.
Is there any way to have it?

i’m using engage without installed e17

Where do you use Colorset 60? I see that you define Colorset 60:

Colorset du dock

Colorset 60 Pixmap $[fvwm_img]/osxdock/dock_center.png

but where do you use it?

I have tried to search for colorset 60 in you config file but it only appears on that one line.

Hmm I have some troubles with your engage theme, could You tell me more detail about installation of it? Its require some “eap” files, but in your archive are only “eapp”.

PS Sorry for my English :blush:


E17 is still in development.They made this change: ancient eapp files are now called .eap
You can try to rename them.
I think you have to put all of them in ~/.e/e/applications/engage.
This directory is created when you use E17, if not, just create it.
I’m not really sure of the path maybe someone using E17 could confirm it.
To make some new eap, you will need a program called e-utils, a part from E17.You can use it with command line or GUI.

to edit an .eap : e_util_eapp_edit a_file.eap
to create an .eap : enlightenment_eapp -set-exe <app-exe> -set-name <NameofProgam> <new.eap>

Thank you very much! I will try it!

Well, it seems offtop, but i have another question: :slight_smile: Is it way to use engage as launcherbar? By default it is only a taskbar and system tray.

How have you made the topbar (Finder, Fichier Edition…)?

engage is a starterbar ( a dock ) with system tray and taskbar :wink:
Look at the screenshot …