NsCDE Releases, Changes and Announcements

Last couple of months, NsCDE is in the “release candidate” stage of versioning. 1.0rc18 is the latest.

Soon, in a few days maybe, NsCDE 1.0rc20 will be released under releases tab on github. It will contain graphical color modificator for color themes in a Color Style Manager, localization support, Font Style Manager rewritten almost from scratch, floating graphical pager positioning improvements and some fixes.

Not so Common Desktop Environment - NsCDE 1.0rc21 is out.

It can be downloaded on GitHub.

Some major improvements, fixes and documentation update. This should be considered 1.0 (or maybe I will name it 1.1) without “rc”.

It is intended to be used with FVWM 2.6.7 - 2.6.9 or newer from 2.6 major branch of FVWM.

It can be used experimentally with a few glitches also with FVWM3, which is still in development, but once authors make it’s design known for final release, NsCDE will for sure support it and make use of it’s new features.

Here is the changelog:

  • NsCDE 1.0rc21 release
  • Localization support + first new language (Croatian)
  • Multiscreen fixes
  • Color Style Manager clickable base colors with frames and foreground,
    improved CDE similarity
  • Color Editor on new Modify Button, full CDE functionality in Color Style
  • Installer modifications and improvements, more local examples: Style,
    Keybindings and Menus
  • Documentation update for Color Style Manager
  • Fix: Use $[w.resource] instead $[w.name] everywhere because of localization
  • Oasis palette consolidation, new Coalmine palette …
  • README.md cleanup
  • InputForm corrections and improvements
  • Font Style Manager rewritten from scratch in a robust and more usable way
  • Fontsets rethinking and reorganization, new fontset added (Fira)
  • Documentation update for Font Style Manager
  • Fix over-edge placements of pagers
  • WindowList mouse positioninig with keyboard - change to center of the
  • Rest minor fixes and cleanups
  • Misc documentation updates

Thanks a lot!
Nscde looks great on my netbook. Its fast and my fav openTTD feels at home with it.