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Nothing really new from the other configs I’ve seen in this forum, especially if you’re familar with the one from Jefklak from which I’ve taken a lot ( :wink: ). The only few mods I’ve added are:
[list][]Icons are drawn from a gnome icon theme. Thus, a simple variable modification and if the new gnome theme holds enough icon, make my Fvwm theme change all its icons. The current icon theme displayed is Gnant.[/:m]
[]Wallpaper are set and kept by using a symbolic link.[/:m]
[]Mail icon notification is based on a PERL POP3 script and it comits a sound on every new mail (via esd, my sound server). The current theme sound is Borealis (the OGG one).[/:m]
[]The weather icon is based on a PERL script but this feature is not completely finished (it bugs a lot). I’ve embedded several weather icon theme taken from a gDesklet named iWeather (thanks buddies!)[/:m]
[]3ddesktop is used to go from one desktop to the other (the spinning effect is really awesome)[/:m]
[]Hour and date scripts have been merged into one single file FvwmScript[/:m]
[]My Thumbnail function, pasted from Taviso’s one, use GraphicsMagick (almost equivalent to ImageMagick)[/:m]
[]For acceleration purposes as well as disk life saving, most of the termporary files (thumbnails, weather logs) are stored under the virtual memory flie system (tmpfs aka /dev/shm)[/:m]
[]The complete config has been divided under small ones (under conf) for readability[/:m]
[]The chosen Colorset matches the fvwm-theme policy to ease the integration with it[/:m]
[]This configuration will accept other themes and will allow fast switch between them by using a simple variable[/:m]
[]The current theme name is called “Arctic” and it’s my 1st pixmap theme[/:m][/list:u]

What are you using to get the terminal ‘tabs’ in your terminal? Are those really tabs to get multiple virtual terms in one terminal window?

thanks in advance.

mrxvt just became my new favorite terminal app

Nope, it’s not the FvwmTabs module. It’s a feature of the term itself. The term is called MRXVT, a real marvel.

If you require some help on its configuration, just post me.

The windowsdecorations are very nice, but the menu…it just rocks…

Keep it going like this, and don’t forget to post your theme to when you’re finished, I think they’d be very glad to include it :smiley:

Thanks theBlackDragon. I’m currently working on a full pixmap theme that I will post as soon as some results show up. :wink:

pem, I love your config, and have several questions:
Can you post your .mrxvtrc? I’m having trouble getting tranparency to work.
Also, while I’ve merged 3ddesktop & haven’t changed the entries in your config, it doesn’t seem to be working. Is there any addional config that needs to be done?

Actually, I store its configuration under my ~/.Xdefaults. Here it is:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! MRXVT configuration ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !mrxvt*opacity: 30 !mrxvt*OpacityDegree: 1 mrxvt*vt0*saveLines: 1000 mrxvt*initTermNumber: 1 mrxvt*protectSecondary: true mrxvt*loginShell: true mrxvt*scrollBar: false mrxvt*transparent: true mrxvt*transparentScrollbar: true mrxvt*transparentTabbar: true mrxvt*transparentMenubar: true !mrxvt*foreground: darkgray !mrxvt*background: white mrxvt*foreground: white mrxvt*background: darkblue mrxvt*backgroundFade: 60 mrxvt*fading: 0 !mrxvt*tintColor: darkblue mrxvt*textShadow: black mrxvt*textShadowMode: botright !mrxvt*tabForeground: black !mrxvt*tabBackground: white !mrxvt*itabForeground: black !mrxvt*itabBackground: white mrxvt*tabForeground: white mrxvt*tabBackground: darkblue mrxvt*itabForeground: white mrxvt*itabBackground: darkblue mrxvt*tabPixmap: false mrxvt*syncTabTitle: true mrxvt*hideTabbar: false mrxvt*bottomTabbar: true mrxvt*windowsSwitch: false mrxvt*showMenu: false mrxvt*hideButtons: true mrxvt*xft: true mrxvt*xftFont: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono mrxvt*xftmFont: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono mrxvt*xftAntialias: true mrxvt*xftWeight: bold mrxvt*xftSlant: roman mrxvt*xftHinting: true mrxvt*xftAutoHint: true mrxvt*xftGlobalAdvance: true mrxvt*xftWidth: normal mrxvt*xftRGBA: rgb mrxvt*xftSize: 11 mrxvt*cursorBlink: false !mrxvt*cursorBlinkInterval:500 mrxvt*geometry: 80x25 mrxvt*multichar_encoding:noenc mrxvt*inputMethod: SCIM !mrxvt*cursorColor: white mrxvt*cursorColor: lightblue mrxvt*color0: black mrxvt*color1: #40e0d0 mrxvt*color2: #87cefa mrxvt*color3: #ffff00 mrxvt*color4: #d1eeee mrxvt*color5: #eed8ae mrxvt*color6: #b4eeb4 mrxvt*color7: gray mrxvt*color8: gray40 mrxvt*color9: #ee6363 mrxvt*color10: #c5f779 mrxvt*color11: #fff796 mrxvt*color12: #00b2ee mrxvt*color13: #cf9ebe mrxvt*color14: #71bebe mrxvt*color15: white

Yep, 3ddestop reads parts of its config under a general configuration file named /etc/3ddesktop.conf. Here are the relevant part I’ve set up:

[code]texturesize 512
autoacquire 10
priority 19
view goright
use_wireframe off
show_digit off
zoom off
mode cylinder
gotoright on

view goleft
use_wireframe off
show_digit off
zoom off
mode cylinder
gotoleft on[/code]

hy… your screenshot it’s amazing… i’d like to know what do you uso to view weather and to put icons in bottom center… tks
ah and if possible i like to know a name of one digital clock for mine fvwm tks again

Thanks for the config info! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi UltraDiabos,

For the weather forecast, I use a borrowed and modified PERL script that you will find under my conf. It’s named ~/.fvwm/script/weather_log.plx. It digs the forecasts from

my $content = get("");

I didn’t get your point concerning the “put icons in bottom center” :confused: If you mean the dock bar, just have a look at my conf file named ~/.fvwm/conf/dock.fvwm2rc.

For the digital clock, you have multiple choice. My preferred one would be to adapt a FvwmScript and use an XFT font that matches a digital clock. I’ve stored several version of my Date and time script under my conf (in .fvwm/script/):
[list][]TimeAndDateNormal should be easy to adapt and should do the trick with an appropriate font (I’ve stored an old config with it, here)[/:m]
[]TimeStyleAndDateNormal is the clock and date script that you can currently see in my screenshot[/:m]
[]TimeAndDateStyle is a clock and a date with this stylish and cool layout I’ve taken from a Mac clock.[/:m][/list:u]
Just one last thing, if you take my conf tarball, be carefull not to scratch yours.

Happy customizing! :wink:

I’ve noticed this on a lot of configs I’ve seen lately, how do people get the shading effect under windows? Mas OSX style (and e17) shadows on fvwm screenshots! It’s got me excited!


(btw - emerging mrxvt now, the true transparency is amazing!)

If you got the true transparency under MRXVT (named opacity in its man), it means that you’ve set up xcompmgr. This is this thing that enables the true transparency as well as the shadowing effect. You can even turn the transparency on other thing such as my calculator in my shot (use transset for that, it’s under portage (oups … I’ve made some ad for Gentoo)). My current xcompmgr setting, the one you see in the shot, is launched by Fvwm and takes the following variables:

xcompmgr -c -C -f -F -D 3 -I 0.01 -O 0.05 -o 0.6 -l -9 -t -9 -r 8

I to everyone , I’m totally new to this scenario , I’m try to get the most excitenment wmanager onthe net.But , I’m just at the bginning , so my apologises for my stupid questions…I’d like to get the theme of Pem and his configs , so I think , before , I have to get the fvwm packet (2.5.12) and after moving on copyng the config right!!!
I got a small gentoo on my machine so I’ll start my emerge… :smiley:

P.S. I must emerge ImageMagick too??

No prob paperp. I’m kinda new too, considering the age of Fvwm (started in 1993). I’ve started using Fvwm, 5 months ago.

For the pictures tools, I’ve chosen GraphicsMagick. It’s almost the same as ImageMagick but a little bit faster and with a more standardized interface … as the say (it’s in portage and the ebuild is called graphicsmagick).

If you want to get a hand on this marvel of a wm, you should have a look to this Fvwm Beginners guide. I’ve started with it: it’s very well written and I still use it.

Thanks in advance!!
No Problem if for the moment(I’m just reading fvwm beginners… :slight_smile: )I leave on compiling emerge with fvwm-themes , and after I use the manual config??

You don’t need fvwm-themes if you’re planning on using someone’s config (or writing your own).

Yes,I know , just for having a go!! :wink:

I’ve almost finished my new theme, called Artic(good catch for a penguin). As I don’t want to bother your first download, I will only make the new one available tomorrow. If you prefer the current, just download it when you’re ready. If you prefer the new one, wait for tomorrow. Note that the new theme overwrites the older one :cry:

Pem thanks… but i liked to put weather in my root menu it’s possible ?!
if you know how and can tell-me i apreciate that (or a FAQ, it’s be usefull too).