Tiled wallpapers

I have created a few tiled wallpapers (960x540) to work on different screen resolutions, such as 3840x2160 and 1024x600. An addition to the Fvwm defaults.

Found a filter in Gimp that creates seamless images, click link

If you want to add your wallpapers to the default configuration, make a pull request on github.

About github I am still a newbie. :smile: How do you do a pull request? Do I do it from my newly created repo “Tiled-wallpapers” or from the “fvwm3” repo which I never understood how it landed in my github. Or from where?

Good thing this is documented.

Scroll down to submitting a pull request.

Once you get forking, commits, and pull requests figured out, you can update the fvwm wiki in a similar manner using the fvwmorg.github.io repository.

Please don’t ask me to read git-related manuals because they are written for people who already know how things work. Not for newbies who are not familiar with the git terminologies (fork, pull, push, merge, etc.) I am a fast learner when steps are shown. :slight_smile:

  1. Can I use the fvwm3 repo in my github.? I have updated it with “Fetch Upstream”.
  2. My suggested tiled wallpapers I am adding in this folder.
  3. After updates/uploads, I will click “Pull requests” ???

4 new tiled wallpapers are suggested for the default configuration. Also a new default wallpaper. “Floral” is replaced with “Desktop”.


Next, I will take a look at the Fvwm wiki.