Vectors for buttons


I noticed an old post:

Is there any chance this info still exists somewhere and can be linked? I’m interested in vectors but not in recreating the wheel. I’m looking for any number vectors.

Just for documenting… I have the following vectors, they mimic old-school windows buttons:
AddButtonStyle 2 Active Vector 4 30x30@3 70x70@3 70x30@4 30x70@3
AddButtonStyle 4 ToggledActiveUp Vector 8 30x70@3 30x30@3 70x30@3 70x70@3 30x70@3 30x45@4 55x45@3 55x70@3
AddButtonStyle 4 Active Vector 5 30x70@3 30x30@3 70x30@3 70x70@3 30x70@3
AddButtonStyle 6 Active Vector 7 35x68@3 35x70@3 65x70@3 65x66@3 35x66@3 35x68@3 65x68@3
AddButtonStyle 8 Active Vector 6 30x30@3 70x30@3 50x30@4 50x70@3 30x70@4 70x70@3

Button 8 is what I include if I need access to FvwmIdent.


Hi @Yonut27,

Are you referring to this page: ?

If it’s what this thread was referencing, then yes.

Ty for the quick response and your awesome work regarding this piece of software!