What is ur distro?

Just a question I use mostly FreeBSD and Sourcemage (but I found Suse quite good with the time)
And u?

I’m running Gentoo on my desktop and portable and Debian on my server. Ubuntu is nice too, but not flexible enough to my liking.


You sent me a private message asking for my config file which you couldn’t get from my site at scorpius.spaceports.com/~alun2003/
My site has expired at spaceports but you can get my .fvwm directory from my own apache server at alunt.homelinux.org/ (downloads section)
My site might periodically be offline as i am still learning to configure it.

Thanks again to Jefklak ( jefklak.suidzer0.org/index.php?id=screenshots ) for letting me use his site as a template.

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Oh and I’m using Gentoo


Sorry about that, that’s still a leftover from the conversion from xmb, anybody experiencing similar problems, please mail me: admin at lair dot be.

Ow yes, it’s fixed now, or at least it should be :slight_smile:

To get back on Topic: I’m using gentoo, and i am so happy with it :slight_smile:

I’m using archlinux. 8)

gentoo linux -> gentoo.org

gentoo & freebsd 5.3

Fedora Core 3

I am currently using Debian/GNU Linux (Woody), which I have been since I started learning Linux a few months ago.

I’m planning to upgrading to Debian Sarge once I’m back from Xmas vacation.

At home (well dorm):
In order of frequency:
Gentoo, Zipslack, Fedora Core 2, (The following are CD distros) Knoppix, Feather, Slax. I also use misc others randomly for short times to try them out.

At work:
Again in order:
Fedora Core 2, Redhat (various), Knoppix, Mandrake, Gentoo

My favorite is by far Gentoo, with fedora as a distant second. I haven’t tried debian yet (need another comp to try that :slight_smile: )

As for window managers/DEs I use FVWM at home and KDE at work (I hate KDE). I also use fluxbox, ratpoison, pekwm, and suprisingly often twm.

I use Suse 9.0 at home and Suse 9.2 in the university.


At home, it’s Gentoo and I strongly recommend it.

At work it’s Fedora Core 2 but I intend to make my project switch to LFS or Gentoo.

hey! another archer! i’m using it, too.

FreeBSD 5.3

I have not been using Linux for 4 years. If I want to go back, which distro is better, Gentoo?


If you’ve liked the ports of FreeBSD (compiling ang tayloring your apps), I guess Gentoo is the most advanced meta distribution available around here (there are other such as SourceMage, for instance). That’s my choice and I strongly recommend it (you should watch the speed of my apps even without prelink).

If you prefer a binary distro, it will depend on your box. I know that Unbutu (more gnome) and Arch Linux (more kde) are optimized for i686 based processor.

You can also take a good old Redhat/Fedora and rebuild some of the SRPMS to match your architecture (I’ve done this at work). It’s quite standard and efficient.

You forgot another big plus: the fvwm maintainder for Gentoo is taviso and he always puts cool patches in the fvwm ebuilds, like the translucency patch :slight_smile:

Gentoo user. Used to be LFS until it died (well, the hard drive died) I like Gentoo because I saw it as the best of both worlds…source based distro with package management. With Mandrake (my first experience with Linux) I never learned much and it was so darn difficult to update software despite how easy they say it is supposed to be.

I like to tinker

Jumping on the bandwagon slightly here – I’m a Debian user (Sid). Been using it for a number of years now. As far as Fvwm support goes in Debian, it isn’t too bad. But it could certainly be improved.

I like the idea of the menus package, which allows for other window managers besides Fvwm to have autogenerated menus for programs that have been installed.

But as far as the main Fvwm package goes, it lacks support for so many things. But at least the maintainer has separated off the GNOME dependency hangover, as well as finally managing to make librplay a dependency so that FvwmEvent can function. Of course, whether this is appropriate that librplay should be installed along with Fvwm, is another question entirely…

– Thomas Adam.

I run Debian Sarge.