FvwmStep - AfterStepClassic Reborn

This is something I’ve been working on for a while: a recreation of AfterStepClassic. This odd little window manager existed after the BowMan window manager and the first releases of AfterStep and I loved it! I’m working on recreating it and I’m pretty happy with what I got so far. However I am still working on making minimized icons the same size without creating my own and making the root menu look like the one in AfterStepClassic.

The plan is to make this installable with a script ala NsCDE and Fvwm-Crystal and when I do this will be called AfterStepClassic-1.1b3, the first release in twenty two years.

Hi PrisonGuy. I remember AfterStep and liked it. Took a quick look at the Wikipedia.

In 2000, Linux website TuxRadar selected AfterStep as one of the year’s best window managers, praising it as “fast and reliable, with a huge range of configuration options and the ability to create some spectacular themes”

I’m going to keep working on it for a few more weeks, to get the last things done, if not, I’ll just release it as AfterStepClassic 1.1b3 with a list of regressions ;-)

There is a version for OpenBSD’s ancient FVWM I’m working on.